චාල්ස් කුමරා ලැගුම් ගන්නා කොළඹ හෝටලය

සංචාරකයන් පිනවීම සඳහා සියලූ සත්කාර සංචාරකයාගේ සමීපයට සපයා දෙනු ලබන සුපිරි සංචාරක හෝටල හඳුන්වනු ලබන්නේ බුටික් හොටෙල් නමිනි. මේවා කාමර විශාල සංඛ්‍යාවක් සතු හෝටල නොවේ. සීමිත කාමර සංඛ්‍යාවක් සහිත ඒවාය. ගෘහ නිර්මාණ සැලසුමේ සිට සියල්ල ඒවාටම ආවේනික ලෙස නිර්මාණය කර තිබේ. ආහාරපාන පවා පිළියෙළ කෙරෙන්නේ එලෙසින්මය. මෙවැනි අධි සුඛෝපභෝගී මන්දිර වෙන්ව ඇත්තේ බොහෝ විට මහා ධනවතුන්ට මෙන්ම ප‍්‍රභූන් හටය. මෙවර ...

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Why you should Start an Online Business and Enjoy Life!

Start a Online Business

Do you ever wanted to start an online business and enjoy the benefits such as no Boss, traveling the world and doing what you like on times you want etc… Those are some of the reasons why I started my first online business couple or years back in the United Kingdom. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles ...

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How to Become the London’s Best Night Club with SEO?

SEO for Night Club business in London

Help those people above to find you Night Club in London If you are operating any local business such as a Night club in London, you know that there is a massive competition to stand out and attract most of nightlife loves to your venue. Especially when you want to attract new visitors every day, you need to be visible ...

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10 Wealth Creation Secrets by Warren Buffett

10 Wealth Creation Secrets

You want to get rich right? I know everyone on this planet wants to get rich and they want to wealthy with money status and lifestyle. However only very little percentage of the population get rich and extremely wealthy during their lifetimes. Have you heard about the wolds richest man? I bet you do! It’s Warren Buffett, he has some ...

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How to Get Paid To Take Surveys Online?

How to earn from Surveys

Have you ever wanted to make money online by working form home on your laptop? Recently one of my good friends in Sri Lanka inquired about ways to make money online, so I though I should write some tips about how to make an income by taking surveys. But I know for most of the people the question is “how ...

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Google Introduces Helpouts Get and Give Personalized Help

Google Helpouts

Have you heard about the latest Google service? This is great for anyone who works from home providing their services over the internet. When I first saw this, I instantly wanted to use this for my online trainings. Helpouts helps you to give personalized help over live video. It’s creators goal is to help people help each other. They says ...

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Difficult to be financially successful without making enemies – Dilith Jayaweera

Dilith Jayaweera is a corporate leader with interests in many areas of the Sri Lankan corporate and business world and is therefore never too far from the news. Joint Managing Director of Triad (Pvt) Ltd, Chairman of George Steuart Group and Managing Director of Derana TV are just three of the many high level positions he holds. In an exclusive ...

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The 10 Best Restaurants in the Sri Lankan Capital

Sri Lankan cuisine has always been one of the delights of this island nation and Colombo’s restaurant scene is thriving, with a range of fine dining, budget eats and quirky colonial eateries offering everything from seafood extravaganzas, tea festivals and fusion innovation to suit every taste. As these ten restaurants reveal, a visit to Colombo offers an unmissable chance to ...

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SLASSCOM Representative Receiving “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” at NOA Awards 2013

We are delighted to announce that Sri Lanka has been awarded the prestigious “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” award by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), UK at the award ceremony held in London on the 23rd of October, 2013. From left- Ellie Taylor(event comedy host), Eric Selvadurai (Advisory Board Member SLASSCOM and MD of European Business for WNS) who received ...

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Virtusa Named to InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators

Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU), a global IT services company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions to transform the customer experience, today announced that it has been named to the prestigious 2013 InformationWeek 500 list, a list of the nation’s top technology innovators. Virtusa was honored for its V+ platform, a proprietary internal social business platform the company developed ...

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