7 Exotic Restaurants in Central London to take you lover

7 Exotic Restaurants in Central London to take you lover

Ceylon Radio always tries to bring you the best news and places to chill, so today let’s look at 7 Restaurants in Central London which you can take you lover for dinner.

There are so many places in London to eat in style, but we have chosen 7 quality places we normally go for dinner after a busy day at Ceylon Radio.

We have selected this list after careful research and reading other online sources for feedback from customer reviews. Yelp is one of the best places to find local restaurants and cafes and we normally check their listings for our reviews and information.

Top 7 Restaurants to Dine this week in Central London

100 Hoxton – Restaurant in Hoxton, Cocktail Bar, Drinks, Shoreditch

100 Hoxton is a brand new restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of London’s Shoreditch, serving Asian-inspired, innovative cuisine and superb drinks.

With its elegant styling, and secretive Asian-ness, 100 Hoxton is what might as well be called the most recent gathering bouncing styling place to take you lover. Add to this the way that the venue used a concise stint as a kebab shop and it may sounds like an unappetising prospect. Anyhow prop yourself – the Asian-motivated nourishment and you can thanks us later for recommending the place.

Grillshack – All day grill – Home

Grillshack – All day grill. View the menu Breakfast and all day menus. App for eat in & takeout orders for orders from your smartphone. The place offers some of the best food in central London and the professional chefs will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your food.
You can read some Reviews by other who have visited the place here: Reviews

Hawksmoor – the best steak restaurant in London

Hawksmoor says they have travelled the world in search of the perfect steak, but have found that beef from well-loved native cattle breeds reared right here in Britain has more flavour than anything we’ve tried on our travels. And I can agree on that as the food they serve always makes us delighted and happy to step out to the city.
Seven Dials and Hawksmoor’s Menus
If y0 would like to Book a Table you can do it here: Book a Table
Choose the perfect wine to match your choice of steak at Hawksmoor here: Wine

The Delaunay – Grand European Café Restaurant – Breakfast

The Delaunay is a grand European Café Restaurant located on the Aldwych, Covent Garden, London. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea…
Check the best Menus by Delaunay and also you can reserve your table here: Reservations
The Delaunay is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and you can get in touch with them here: Contact

The Modern Pantry – Restaurant Clerkenwell, Café and Deli

Want to enjoy the elegance of modern dining? Then The Madern Pantry is the place you should be taking you lover this week.
Check their best menus if you don’t believe me, read some of the Reviews and also you can Book Online at a Book a Table and invite Ceylon Radio to interview you or your Local Business in London.


Stephen Bayley says. “Boulestin is the nostalgia of French food you remember… The food was pretty damn formidable …the best daube of beef I’ve had in years…” Named after legendary French chef Marcel Boulestin, this St James’ Street restaurant from Joel Kissin takes its inspiration from all the best menus to prepare you the best dishes in the country.

Check their Menus before checking in

Would you like Private Dining? Then Boulestin has a great offer for you.

If you would like to have a Theatre Dining experience for a memorable experience. Contact Baulestine for more details here: Contact

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