A special dhamma sermon held at Liverpool Sri sambuddha Viharaya.

A special dhamma sermon was conducted at Sri sambuddha viharaya in Liverpool on Sunday evening 13th December 2015 from 06:30 p.m to 07:30 P.m by Most Ven.Borelle Athula thera who is very versatile,well known monk and the chief incumbent of sri Athula dassana Buddhist centre in Baddhaloka Mawatha in Colombo.

This meritorious occasion was a very rare and lucky opportunity for all devotees to listen to a special dhamma sermon and grow our dhamma knowledge more and more getting confidence much in triple gem.

Most Ven.Dimbiyawe Amarawansa Nayaka thero,Ven.Wanduraba Kassapa thero who is the chief incumbent of Athula dassana Buddhist centre in Heathrow and ven.Yatalamatthe kusala thero participated in this event along with some devotees living in London

The devotees who participated in this meritorious deed were treated with refreshments and this event was very successful under the guidance of most Ven. Keppetiyagoda Gunawansa Nayaka thero.

May you get the blessings of triple gem

Liverpool Sri sambuddha viharaya

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