Apple Acquires Transit App HopStop

Apple confirmed it acquired location data startup Locationary for an undisclosed sum.

The HopStop purchase could significantly improve the navigational offerings inside Apple Maps. Since launching last year, Apple Maps has relied on third-party transit apps — including HopStop — to provide users with schedules and routes to subways and buses. This is in contrast to Google Maps, which builds transit offerings into its core program.

HopStop supports over 700 transit agencies across seven countries. In April, the company launched HopStop Live! for iPhone — providing users with crowdsourced real-time updates on delays or service changes.

The functionality is similar to the newly-acquired Waze, except it is for transit rather than automobile traffic.

HopStop is one of the best transit apps for iOS and this acquisition is perfectly timed for a new and improved Apple Maps to launch alongside iOS 7 this fall.

We’ve reached out to HopStop for details about the future of its Android app and website. We’ll update with any new information we receive.

Source : Mashable

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