Satire/ Jokes

පිටිදුවේ සිරිධම්ම හිමිගේ වීඩියෝව

සංජය දසනායක |Maubima පිටිදූවේ සිරිධම්ම හෙවත් සිරි සමන්තභද්‍ර හිමියන් තමන් මාර්ගඵල ලබා සිටිනු අයකු බව මාධ්‍යයට පැවැසුවේ තමන්ට අතිමහත් ප්‍රසිද්ධියක් ලබා ගැනීමට බව ඒ හිමියන්ම පවසන වීඩියෝවක් නිකුත් වී තිබේ. පසුගිය දිනක සිරි සමන්තබද්‍ර හිමියන් ධර්ම දේශනයක් අවසානයේ තමන් සමඟ සිටි ශ්‍රාවක පිරිසකට මේ බව පවසන වීඩියෝවක් අන්තර්ජාලයට මුදාහැර ඇති අතර එහිදී සමන්තභද්‍ර හිමියන් පවසන්නේ මීට කලකට පෙර රිටිගල වනයේදී ...

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Booty dancing (twerk) at It’s very Best!

Booty Shking

I know you all have see some sort of Booty dancing before. But I bet you have seen something like what we are going to share with you guys today. This is the BOOTY dancing at it’s very best. It’s by FraulesGirl and the girls and their booty dancing (twerk) would mesmerism your imaginations. BOOTY/ TWERK choreo by DHQ Fraules ...

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How to Get Massive Attention from Men? – Bombshell Butts

Yeah I know everyone loves getting attention. But how can you get a massive attention even if you are not a celebrity? Actually this one is for girls who are attention seekers and anyone who wants to know how to get men look at you like they want eat you alive!! 🙂 Today I just stumbled upon some crazy videos ...

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How to love like a Genius – Your Genius Test

Yes You read t right? now this is not exactly going to help you make love like  pron Star. But when you know how to love a Genius, bring out your creative genius out, life would be so good that the people you interact would instantly want to more of you. Today I wrote an article on in the ...

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How To Get Girls To Kiss You In Style


Have you ever thought it would be possible to just walk up to girls and kiss them after few seconds of chatting up? I mean this would sound like very difficult or maybe not possible in your world. I’ve been out and there were times I’ve done some serious pickup while out in London. Today I got something crazy for ...

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How to start a clothing line for less than $20

Helping people start home businesses and building their local businesses to be more profitable is something I focus on my business and with my writing in this blog. We all know, the job market is getting very competitive and and there is no guarantee that we can have our jobs till we retire like the people in the past did. ...

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These Dance will Amaze You – Freaking Awesome!

Do you Dance? or you can’t Dance? If you are a male and want to get attention from the Ladies, then I highly advice you watch these video and learn some moves before your head out to a night club. I’ve been going out since I came to England several years back and realized that the girls over here just ...

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How to See the Human Aura in 5 Minutes – Learn to See an Aura

Human Aura

Seeing the Aura of someone else? pretty freaking and you never thought possible right? Today I found this great tips which you can also use to see the Auro of a person. I mean give it a try to see how you see the Aura of other people. I’ve tried it with few our people at the Ceylon Radio today ...

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Dating Techniques Exposed – Science of Attraction

Science of Attraction

Human Dynamics is one of the main topics when it comes to dating. The modern scientists have done some great experiments about the law of attraction and today we have found a great video with some dating techniques which you may want to see. As you all may know there are tons or even millions of books and blogs you ...

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