CHOGM and Sri Lanka by Andrea Brito

CHOGM stand for “Commonwealth heads of Government meeting” yes its true .
Also ,both for those visiting us and for the powers that be in our country, its stand for “Chaps Holidaying on Government Money “ or “Crisis histrionics on Grandiose main Roads” or “Cancerous hoodwinking greedy morons” or “cropping (herbs & curbs) cause(s) one Global Maelstrom” or

whatever the Nemonic, it just means that we are all going to be grossly inconvenienced with traffic rerouting, stopping, closures and ministerial movements meaning mayhem. Days when you won’t be able to move from your house because it takes you half an hour longer to get to office. May as well give the country, a two-week paid holiday and stay off the street, otherwise you will also be cursed with trigger happy STF forces who take an old lady in a wheel chair as a time bomb because she cannot move fast enough on their instruction nor on her feet away from the bigwigs. Areas around Colombo 7 will be housebound, and the people who are sick and need the emergency services will just have to obligingly die because getting to them will be barred and blocked. Therefore the most appropriate will result from “Copious horrors in Government methods” as already seen on our streets. Beautiful to look at but the start of more global warming. For every inch of covered and widened pavement is less space for the ever-growing car population. Under every paving stone, is one less inch of fresh air which makes the earth cool and the worms do their rotation jobs. The more concrete we have, the hotter the globe becomes. Match and ape the west and we will see more Tsunami’s, more earthquakes, more destruction by natural forces. If Colombo is said to go under water in a couple of years, better buy properties in the hills but you really cannot afford to build, what with the cost of living not addressed. The electricity bills will skyrocket to make the streets and areas for the delegates more presentable, with fancy lights, and we will pay for it all!

Welcome to our country. Face washes never cure a cancer.

by Andrea Brito

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