Congregation by National Youth Front UK towards democracy in Sri Lanka (VIDEO)

National Youth Front UK, the strongest youth political movement in UK which was established in 2009, organized a multi religious awareness campaign with the participation of religious leaders and many other distinguished Sri Lankan’s residing in the UK, in support of free, fair and non-violent election in Sri Lanka on the 8th January 2015.

As we all know the upcoming presidential election is by far the most important political event in Sri Lanka which will shape the future of the country as well as it’s citizens.

Many Sri Lankan professionals living in the UK are of the view that democracy has eroded and good governance has become almost an unknown term in the country over the past 10 years. There is a very high level of corruption and wastage in the country today and government has openly been using public funds and property to fund it’s election campaign which is not fair and ethical. This is not only against democracy but a crime which this government has been committing on a very large scale.

The current state of the country including our economy, absence of law and order is a very big cause of concern for us Sri Lankan’s in the UK and injection of extremist ideology to the minds of people has only created devisions amongst many Sri Lankan’s.

With a very good understanding of all of the above sated facts concerning our country, we at National Youth Front UK with the participation of a very large crowd comprising of many professionals and social leaders in organised this event to exert pressure on the current government in hope the election will be fair and reflective of a truly democratic nation.

President of the Youth Front UK Mr Madhawa Senanayake commended the dedication of all Sri Lankans in the UK towards ensuring a sustainable change in the current political environment in the country.

Vice President of NYF Mr Numal Perera conducted an open discussion on why we need to instill democracy, good governance and law and order which helped to gain many valuable ideas, comments and feedback from the audience.

Guest speeches were made by, Past president of UNP Dr Roger Sirinivasan, former presidential advisor Mr Mangala Ranarje, Journalist Maduka Fernando former secretary of UNP UK Mr Chinthaka De Silva, Mr Buddhi Weerasinghe from Team Maithree UK ,Journalist Sadaruwan Senadheera and Miss Dilrani De Silva from university of Oxford.

Secretary of the National Youth Front UK Mr Isuru Ramaweera thanked everyone who participated and for their valuable time and comments.

Article By Indika Cooray / Activities Coordination By Bimal Sekku Arrachchige.

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