1 cup urid dhal
2 cups rice
2 teaspoons fenugreek
1 teaspoon salt
Oil for making dosas


1. Wash and soak together the urid and fenugreek in water for about 7 hours at least. Wash and soak separately the rice in water for the same amount of time.

2. Drain the water and grind the urid and the rice separately in a food processor or liquidiser. Add water to get a nice consistency while grinding.

3. Mix both batters together with the salt and set it aside for at least about 12 hours until the mixture ferments. Care should be taken to use a large enough container as the batter tends to increase in volume when fermented.

4. When the mixture is ready to be made into dosas, add more water if the batter is too thick.

5. Place a griddle on the stove and when the griddle is hot the dosas can be made.

6. Smear a little oil on the griddle. Do not use too much oil as the batter will not spread evenly.

7. Pour a ladleful of batter on the griddle, beginning in the centre spread the batter quickly in a spiral motion outwards.

8. Increase the heat and cook for a couple of minutes until golden brown in colour.

9. Turn the dosa over carefully lifting from the sides. Fry for a few more minutes until ready. Spread a teaspoon of oil round the edges to give a crisp dosa.

10. Serve with chutney and sambar.

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