“FACETS Sri Lanka 2013” focus on Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellery forte

30th July 2013, Colombo – Sri Lanka: FACETS Sri Lanka 2013, the International Gem and Jewellery Show, that showcases hundreds of local and foreign exhibitors will focus on promoting the local advantage, quality and strengths, according to a representative from the organizing committee. Organized by the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA), this year’s event held for its 23rd year, will open from 29th August to 1st September at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre.

Sri Lankan gems and jewellery are renowned throughout the world for its quality and diversity. Kate Middleton, wife of Prince Williams, wears a blue Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring, eminently selected by Princess Diana of Wales for her own engagement in 1981. The ring, crafted by the Crown Jewellers – Asprey & Garrard of London, at the time was valued at US$ 50,000, and is now estimated to be worth US$ 500,000. The blue Ceylon Sapphire’s distinction lies not only in its colour – an ethereal blue, but also its remarkable clarity and transparency, making it the most superior naturally occurring Sapphire which makes our industry distinctive from the rest of the world. On another note, the local conservative outlook on mining for precious commodities and strong government regulation ensures exploration and mining work for Sri Lankan gem is accomplished sustainably.

Upbeat about the event, Juzar Adamaly, Chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka 2013 said, “FACETS Sri Lanka 2013 will highlight local specialty and create a gamut of opportunities for the development of the industry. Buying quality gems from Sri Lanka is much more cost-effective and countries like China, Russia and India are keen on investing and exporting our local gems and jewellery. Through opening our market strengths to the international delegation we not only develop a strong trading base, but also in turn, help grow our own economy. This event provides an opportunity to educate the visiting delegation about our industry, subject expertise, capabilities and natural resources. He further added, “Post war economic conditions and the success gaining a zero tax regulation for export and import of gems have made Sri Lanka a most sought after destination”.

The event will comprise seminars on “Gems and Jewellery in Sri Lanka” conducted by an expert panel of local and International panelists. Buyer delegations from USA, China, Russia and India will also be arriving. Stall holders from Singapore, Dubai, Myanmar and India will be participating at the event. Organizers will be providing Shuttle services from most of the hotels and travel desks to arrange tours for visiting delegation, Customs on site, National Gem & Jewellery Authority Gem testing and assaying facilities and services like clearing and forwarding facilities for exports and individual security to booths through our official security surveillance providers Securo Dynamics.

The organizers have planned to display precious and semiprecious gems as well as an exclusive hall dedicated to jewellery, lapidary & machinery items. FACETS Sri Lana 2013 is supported by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

In the 2003 Budget, the Government of Sri Lanka declared Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA) as the Apex industry body and charged it with a leadership role to formulate industry-level strategies to increase productivity and competitiveness. Since then, the Association works closely with the government’s National Gem & Jewellery Authority and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board to advocate national policy and give input for the industry’s regulatory framework. Currently, SLGJA has over 350 members who together account for over 75 percent of the country’s gem and jewellery exports.

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