Heroin cheaper than milk powder in Sri Lanka – Ranil

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe today said that the Rajapaksa regime has set another Guinness World Records and that Sri Lanka is now the only place where a packet of heroin is cheaper than a packet of milk powder.

The prices of powdered milk were increased from midnight yesterday with the price of a 400g milk powder packet being increased by Rs 61 while the 1kg pack was increased by Rs 152.

“Is this our Dharmadweepaya?” he inquired, while alleging that the younger generation now has heroin but they do not have milk to drink.

Wickramasinghe stated that the present government will not provide relief to the masses and that the cost of living has increased significantly.

That is why the United National Party is saying that wages need to be increased, he said, adding that a preliminary objective of a UNP government will be to increase the people’s income and provide concession for goods such as milk powder.

“It is a part of our (UNP) policies,” he said, issuing a special statement regarding the milk powder price hike.

The UNP National Leader further charged that the Ragapaksa government is not concerned about the people and is only concerned about itself.

Therefore the people will have to face more hardships before the middle of this year, he said.

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