Idealism runs rampant today, and that could end up breaking your current project apart if you don’t step in and take control. After all, if everyone is shooting for the moon, how can anyone keep a realistic view of what’s actually possible here on the ground? It’s up to you to build consensus among your group of friends or business associates. It’s better to salvage what you can than let your entire team disperse in a haze of good intentions and overly high expectations.


Things feel a little weird at the moment, don’t they? Your mood is off and you’re uncomfortably aware of your habits and behavior, not to mention their effects on other people. Don’t worry, though; your habits don’t define you. You’ll feel a lot better today if you seek solid footing on actual ground. Planting your feet connects you with your own earthy nature, and it’s so much easier to stand for something when you’re standing on solid ground. Most of all, don’t neglect your health. Keeping your body centered helps your emotions follow suit.


Creativity and quick wits merge, heightening your imagination and drawing out your artistic side today. The good news is, you’re not some snooty artist. Instead, you’re open and talkative about your methods, happy to answer anyone’s questions in an open and friendly way. Others’ curiosity matches your own, so you understand where they’re coming from. And if you open up a discussion about creative projects, you could actually learn a thing or two from someone else with different experience. A new opportunity presents itself, merging your fields of mutual interest. It’s getting good now.


Why all the waffling and hand wringing? Why are you so afraid to spend your capital? Simple decisions are like soap operas today. Each one seems to come with a supporting cast of lost souls and impossible situations. When you’re not choking yourself with worry, you’re killing other people with kindness. You know what? You need a vacation from all this, bigtime. Approach that simple decision as a way out. Choose something totally different, let it carry you away, and don’t even look back on the mess you’ll leave behind.


Suddenly it’s like you don’t have a care in the world. Why ask why? Just slide into a smooth embrace of this happy-go-lucky day. Sing and dance to the music in your heart, and it won’t matter whether you look like an amateur or a pro. Flirt and promise, but leave yourself enough wiggle room to keep any new commitments from hardening into a prison. Your appeal is legendary, which should explain why they’re lining up to see you. In case you hadn’t noticed, your world is changing for the better


It’s important today that you stay mentally alert. When you’re negotiating projects with colleagues or relationships with friends, do so both logically and steadily. You need to show others that you’re fair and balanced, and that your analytical mind is reasonable as well as acute. If you’re hoping to avoid any surprises, you may be in luck, but still, you should prepare for them. That way you’ll be ready if anything unexpected pops up. You’re good at thinking on your feet. Use that skill now.


Giving is beautiful whatever the gift might be. Just look at the math and physics of it. All this simple equation needs is you as the giver and someone else as the receiver. What are you passing along here? Love? Money? Time? Copies of your music collection? It all depends on how much you like the person on the receiving end, because you could be giving them grief, bad information or computer viruses. But you know what? Don’t dwell on all this dark matter. Forget your expectations and start something unique. See where it takes you today.


In a certain relationship you’re in or a project you’ve been working on, the other person’s desire is stronger than yours. That’s a bit of a role-reversal, isn’t it? You’re usually the one that’s got a sharp, clear vision in mind. You normally know exactly what you want to happen, and exactly how you intend to orchestrate it. Still, don’t throw your weight around just to have a voice in this endeavor. Instead, yield to the dominant plan. Even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind, chances are you’ll learn to like it.


Be an acrobat and a diplomat. Strange and exciting as this might sound, it’s really a natural blend of skills from your familiar bag of tricks. Here’s how it works. First you’ll stretch to make both sides meet in the middle. You can do this without hurting yourself or anyone else. Once you have them face to face, then you’ll get them to talk. It’s a vigorous action with a peaceful outcome. Who said you couldn’t be all things to all people? Maybe they can’t perform the unlikely, but you certainly can. And that’s exactly why you should.


With the truth so soft and reality so conditional, it seems like everyone’s in politics these days. Yes, people can be disappointing, but don’t blame them for flip-flopping. So what if they’re suddenly on a different course? You change your mind a lot, too, you know. Whining will fall on deaf ears today. Finger pointing will only call attention to your own hands, which might not be as clean as you’d like to believe. Stop making a fuss and start making yourself useful. Change the system from within. Lead by example.


Maybe you’ve got some insider knowledge, or maybe you just figured things out on your own. However you got to where you are now, don’t keep it to yourself. Life isn’t about editing the story to your own advantage. It’s about communicating openly and clearly so that other people can benefit from your fresh data. Everyone deserves some understanding of the situation and a fair shot at the prize. And you’re just the person to provide it for them today. Don’t worry, this won’t lessen your own position. It could even earn you karmic brownie points from the universe.


You’re feeling passionate, but it’s hard for you to decide how much of it you should show to others. After all, you don’t want to upset anyone or push them away. So, timidly, you put one toe across the border, and then another, and then a whole foot. It gets easier for the rest of you to follow after that, especially as you start to realize you might actually be welcome here. Why not try making bigger, bolder gestures? Go ahead and act on those passions. This could get really exciting.

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