How To Get Girls To Kiss You In Style

Have you ever thought it would be possible to just walk up to girls and kiss them after few seconds of chatting up? I mean this would sound like very difficult or maybe not possible in your world.

I’ve been out and there were times I’ve done some serious pickup while out in London.

Today I got something crazy for you guys at Ceylon Radio and you will be stocked after watching this.

Trust me this is possible if you are living in a large city like London!!

How To Get Girls To Kiss You

Have fun and go out and start making the girls days sexy. Even if you can just get some smile on their faces it would be great. You saw the face of the last girl on this video right? Just picture it, girls just loves it when you know how to do it the right way with humor.

Life is too short to not to make out with beautiful girls..

It’s the connection economy!

Also if you live in London or planing to come to London and meet us at Ceylon Radio HQ, I look forward to hear from you and share some of the hot stories of mine living in London, United Kingdom.

By: P.H.D. Fernando

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