In return to Kumarage’s son’s killing four lives taken similar to a Chicago style killing, blindfolded with hands and legs tied

Last week at Dickman’s junction in Galle, while in the presence of a number of on lookers Kumar Seneviratne was followed and killed in Chicago fashion. Yesterday the 3rd after 10 days the son of the murdered together with his associates had killed four youngsters in similar fashion in ‘return’.


Those killed had been blindfolded and their hands and legs tied before they were shot in the heads, the Police investigations had revealed when the abandoned bodies were found the following morning at Balagoda Walpita estate in Poddala. Those killed had been identified as Amila, a resident of Pilana, Chuttie of Eththaligoda, Pushpakumara of Maurice road and Malik also of Eththaligoda. The cause had been owing to ling time conflict between two factions from Dangegera Samagiwatta and kanampitiya Bangali Watta , it is reliably reported. Kumar who was killed last week had been a resident of Samagi Watta.

He was killed near the Dickman Junction in the cruelest manner. A brother of Kumara had also been killed earlier owing to political conflicts it is reported. It was on the 25th of last month that Kumara was killed. After 10 days time these murders had taken place in revenge.

Four suspected persons had been arrested on suspicion from the Wanduramba, Pitadeniya area. Amongst them had been Kumara’s son supposed to be thug and another person an Army deserter it is reported. They were residents of Dandeniya area in Galle. One of the murdered Mohotti ‘alias’, Chuttie had been celebrating a birthday party at his residence on the 3rd night. During the birthday party ‘Chuttie’ had received a telephone call saying it was from the Police.
He had been requested to come near the Southern Naval Base. Accordingly he and his above named three colleagues had immediately gone there in a three wheeler.The three wheeler had been stopped by a van near Jakotuwa in Galle and abducted them.

robbersSubsequently they had been brought to Balagoda Walpita estate and had been shot after they were blindfolded and tying their arms and legs which had been revealed in the Police investigations. At the place where they were shot the Police had found some used bullets. Two had been shot once on their heads while the two twice on their heads. The Police had been successful in finding the number of the van and have arrested a few on suspicions.

The Police is conducting investigations.

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