Indian woman Preeti Balmiki kills doctor who raped her, slit his genitals with surgical knife

A woman has confessed to the brutal murder of doctor Satish Chandra after surrendering at the Govind Nagar police station.
The doctor was found dead with his throat and genitals slit, at a government guesthouse on July 21 in Govindnagar, Kanpur. The next day, a courier boy turned up with a parcel at Govindnagar police station.

On opening the packet, the police were shocked to find male private parts and investigations linked it to Chandra’s murder.

Based on their probe, the police claimed to have arrested 25-year-old Preeti Balmiki for the crime.

Preeti has confessed to the crime, claiming Chandra was exploiting her physically and mentally over the past 13 years and was now eyeing her sister. “It was in 2001 that he came to our house to treat my sister. As we are poor, he showed sympathy and gave me a job at his clinic in 2003. Once he gave me some injections and then raped me. I became addicted to the drugs and he started sexually exploiting me,” she said.

“I tried to talk to his wife but she chased me away. This is why I sent the parcel to her,” she added.

Talking about the murder, she said: “He called me to the guesthouse on July 21. I mixed sedatives in his alcohol and after he became unconscious, I slit his throat and genitals with a surgical knife,” she confessed.

“Preeti has committed a heinous crime but she might have some psychiatric problem. We will appeal to the court to consider arranging medical attention for her,” Kanpur SSP Yashasvi Yadav said.


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