“Lankans Voice” SINGING COMPETITION IN UK – 2013



The team at 1+1= is delighted to announce our Year 2013 event “Lankans Voice” singing competition in UK. The event is open to all Sri Lankans living in UK or will be living in UK at least until the end of the year 2013.

The competition

The information about the competition will be provided to all applicants by the end of March 2013. The competition consists of auditions and the winners of each round will be chosen by a panel of 3/4

At final few rounds the competitors will be performing with music and the winners will be chosen by the audience as well as the judges.

The lucky final 4 contestants will be performing at the grand finale.

Students (PLEASE NOTE)

Send your application if you think you’ve got the talents since the competition will not be held during the examination time.

We are committed to deliver fair and impartial decisions: However, we do have a plan to keep all the applicants with the competition till the end and to encourage their performance.


The journey of “One plus One Equals “until 2013 in the UK.


Charity Lunch in Rugby – May 2010
Charity Lunch in Egham- September 2010
Coffee morning in Harrow at Harrow Solicitors- November 2011
Charity Ball in Uxbridge at Stokely Pine- December 2011
Mega Variety Show 1&2 with 7 Sri Lankan artists in Harrow at Premiere House Banqueting- February 2012 & in Hounslow at Paul Robeson theatre- February 2012
Charity Ball in Harrow at Premiere House Banqueting- November 2012
Having been able to successfully complete the above fundraising events with relentless effort, 1+1= team here in the UK has managed to run its projects activities in Sri Lanka for orphans and vulnerable young adults since 2010.

v Lankan voice singing competition 2013- On its way.

Our aim is to expand our activities here in the UK giving opportunities to our community to join with us and witness the way forward of 1+1=.

Thank you very much for those who have been with 1+1=, and its team for all those years and also for those who have joined with 1+1=. Without their support our work in Sri Lanka and here in the UK would not have been possible.

Following businesses and individuals are the main sponsors of our 2013 activities in Sri Lanka.

Harrow Solicitors & Advocates
International Siddhashram Shakti Centre
Kind Mini Cab
Best Food Rayners Lane Store
Ama Fitness
RAM Motors Ltd
Perivale Dental Practice
Noor Hair Stylists
Happy Shopper
TSL exchange
Dr Lankesh Kodagoda

Please forward and share this information onto many as you can and help us to support our own community whilst supporting the beneficiaries of 1+1= in Sri Lanka.

Please visit www.sesatha.com OR 1+1= face book: one plus one equals.facebook OR simply contact the following number for more information.

We are very thankful to following Medias for their support with the publicity.

News Lanka, Sesatha Web , The Lanka Times Web,Ceylon Radio and TSL Exchange


We would be happy to welcome sponsors with financial support.

Wish you the best

On behalf of

1+1= Team & the event organising team

Ms Maliyadde

Contact: 07440417096

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