Largest Private Education Provider in Asia Pacific Raffles listed in “Top 50 Fashion School in the World”

Fully-Owned, Non Internal or External-Raffles Australian Bachelor of Design launched in Sri Lanka

Raffles Colombo, a unique education provider in Sri Lanka specializing in Design, is celebrating a highly successful year as a record number of students enrolled over 100% Students this year. Raffles Colombo also reached a milestone of its 3rd anniversary of operations in Sri Lanka earlier this year. Adding another feather in its cap Raffles Singapore has been listed in the “Top 50 Fashion Schools in the World 2013” by New York-based, one of the largest independent fashion news sites in the world.

Raffles Colombo, which is registered in Sri Lanka as Raffles Design Institute Private Limited, is the local arm of Raffles Education Corporation Limited (RafflesEducationCorp), a premier tertiary education provider listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

This has been a very busy and successful year for us added, Alex Quah, the Director of Raffles Colombo with the ongoing “Are You Beautiful” campaign in Sri Lanka. He further said, “2013 has witnessed the education giant make significant progress across several fronts. The first step towards the establishment of Raffles American School in Iskandar, Malaysia was made in January. In March, RafflesEducationCorp’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Raffles Assets (Private) Limited, signed an investment agreement with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka to establish Raffles University Sri Lanka. In April, RafflesEducationCorp’s headquarters and Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore moved into a new building named Raffles Education Square. Raffles established new colleges in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Batam and Medan, Indonesia in July. These are exciting times and the future looks much brighter with major investment plans in Sri Lanka”.

The RafflesEducationCorp’s journey began in the year 1990 with the establishment of Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. The institute expanded to two other countries during the ’90s – to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (1992) as well as to Shanghai (1994), Beijing (1996) and Jilin Province, China (1999). 2001 saw RafflesEducationCorp expanding to Bangkok and Guangdong Province, China. Having listed on the SGX-SESDAQ with a market capitalization of S$16 million in 2002 and the Mainboard of the SGX in 2005, RafflesEducationCorp continued to expand its network in the Asia Pacific with new institutes in Jiangsu Province and Langfang in China; Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Hyderabad in India; as well as in Australia (Sydney), New Zealand (Auckland) and Indonesia (Jakarta).

Raffles students have continued to excel at various competitions held locally and regionally. Some of the most notable regional winners are Peggy Hartanto (Indonesia), Rebecka Vavouzos (Sweden), Silas Liew (Malaysia), Sven Tan (Singapore), Pual Nathapol (Thailand), Joe Chia (Malaysia), Zhang Longhui (China), Hangma Limbu (Hong Kong) and Oh Jang Mi (South Korea). Scores of others students have won accolades in competitions such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design, Animation Design, Graphic Design and Photography.

RafflesEducationCorp is the largest private education group in Asia-Pacific and a Top 50 fashion school in the world. Raffles Education Corporation operates 34 colleges in 31 cities across 12 countries with over 30,000 students in the Asia-Pacific region. With a heritage of close to 30 years, the Group has today three university-level institutions that are in Australia, China and Malaysia. These establishments are fully recognised as degree-awarding establishments in their respective countries having obtained the necessary approvals from their host countries and having complied with the quality assurance agencies in their respective countries.

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