Matara Night – Dinner Dance organized by Rahula OBA, UK

Rahula OBA- UK AND Europe Branch held their first dinner dance on 7th June 2014 at Holiday Inn – Wembley. The Chief Guest was His Excellency Dr Chirs Nonis, the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in the UK. Leslie Gunaratne, President of Rahula OBA- UK and Europe Branch welcomed the guests and thanked everyone involved for their contributions to make the event, a success, and said any surplus money will be donated to select Students at Matara District, who have financial difficulties in pursuing their studies.

His Excellency Dr Chris Nonis gave an eloquent speech, emphasising the importance of Sri Lankan Diaspora in strengthening the bonds between two Countries- UK and Sri Lanka on their shared commodity of values. Dr Nonis presented the Certificates of Appreciation to Dr Upul Wijewardane, founder President of Rahula OBA-UK and Dr Piya Gamage for their immense service to the OBA. Mrs Manoja Almeida and Dr Siri Fernando organised the raffle draw. Every one enjoyed the delicious Sri Lankan food and the dance which ended at 1.00 am, after singing the two national anthems.

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