The Methodist College PPA (UK) & Wesley College OBU (UK) Annual Carol Service

The Methodist College PPA (UK) & Wesley College OBU (UK) Annual Carol Service was held on Saturday 6th of December 2014 at Chelsea Methodist Church, London. This jointly organised service has been part of Christmas celebrations since the year 2000. It has been an act of Christian worship celebrating the birth of Christ, bringing together people of many denominations and faiths. The theme of the service was “Christmas Peace”. As war and civil disturbances tear up human lives across every continent it is appropriate that the message of peace inspire us to work together for freedom and justice.

Reverend Michael Sawyer, the superintendent Minister at Chelsea Methodist Church London, conducted the service.

The proceedings began with a welcome by Chairperson of Methodist College PPAUK Dakshini Wirasinha.

The outstanding choir was coordinated by Damayanthi Selvadurai and Dushy Kumaresan. They were supported by Priya Rasanayagam, Sepali Wijesinha, Nesam Navin, Chrishanthi George, Dayalini Kulasingham, Raji Kumar, Dilu Thambirajah, Krishanthi Worthington, Tanya Kumaresan & Tanaya Dissanayake. The choir was supported by Julie Balakrishnan on piano and Marie Nalliah on organ.

The call to worship was led by Ami David and followed by prayers and readings from Niranjani Muruganandan, Ianthi Sattianayagam, Roshini Hyde, Ranjith Chandrasena, Brian Arnold & Roshan Gomez.

The activities from Wesley College OBU coordinated by Dr Ana Thevathasan and Mr Rex Devadasan. Also supported by Mr Nalin Perera (President Wesley College OBU), Mr Tyrone Namasivayam (Secretary, Wesley College OBU), Mr Ghanzanfer Hameed (Treasurer, Wesley College OBU), Mr Paul David, Mr Azahim Mohamed and other committee members. The décor for the evening was provided by Roshini Hyde. The catering arrangements

were provided by friends and families of both institutions which truly created a magical Christmas feel to the event at a time of peace and goodwill. The offertory collected was in support of ESCAPE an organisation working with and for children who have been traumatized through experiences of abuse and exploitation. The collection will fund building a safe house for children in Northern Sri Lanka.

Photos by – Asanka Wanniarachige

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