Sri Lanka Christian Association Dinner Dance and Fashion Show in London

At an Evening of Glamour and Glitter, which reflected the 28 years of service by the Sri Lanka Christian Association, by our charitable work in our homeland – so that all may have a life and live it to the fullest no matter who we are. We will continue to have an equitable and balanced cultural exchange and be a great example of people working together to create harmony and togetherness.

The evening was packed with excitement – and the arrival of our guest speaker, Cllr.Lakmini Shah – Labour; East Ham Community Lead Councillor, added to the glamour of the evening. Cllr. Shah is a wonderful speaker, and gave all those present an insight into the future of Sri Lankans and hoped they would go forward and achieve great goals in their lives, especially the youth.

Enchanting music was provided by “The Islanders”, who kept everyones feet tapping all evening and dancing till the early hours of the morning. The delicious starters and buffet provided by Saffron LK Ltd. was enjoyed by the guests.

The arrival of the High Commissioner ,HE Dr Chris Nonis, as our guest of honour, made the evening complete. Dr Nonis also spoke highlighting the value of promoting the youth of Sri Lanka to look forward and work towards reaching their goals in life for the betterment of the country’s future, and commented on the fact that it was nice to see many young people present. A bevy of beautiful girls and boys dressed in sparkling modern and fashionable attire turned onlookers’ heads round as they paraded on the catwalk , and stole the show with endless applause.

Our thanks go to Shasikala Menerapitiya for make-up and hair styles, and RoshanLutes for training the models. Thanks also to Dilini, Mariah and Tharushi for the opening Pooja Dance which was spectacular and the African War Dance by Omojola made a difference and gave everyone an opportunity to experience the African culture.

The beneficiaries of funds raised at this Dinner Dance and Fashion Show is the Cancer Hospital in Kandy – every penny will therefore be handed over to them by our President.
All fund raising projects carried out by the SLCA is for the betterment of the poor and needy, and we make it our priority to help all Sri Lankans, whatever caste or creed.

Finally, we thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for gracing this event, without whom we cannot reach the heights we have reached so far by the Grace of God.

Pictures by Sanjeewa Dias

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