Sri Lanka Christian Association (SLCA) Quiz – Lunch Event in London – Yet another successful fund raising event.

What a great way to spend a Saturday raising money for the needy and having fun with great music and entertainment provided by the band Islanders and enjoying a delicious Sri Lankan lunch!

The event was organised and hosted by the President of the Sri Lanka Christian Association, Charmaine Jayetilleke and her dedicated army of committee members and loyal friends.

The quiz masters were the very able Hermion Tavarayan and Marie Ryde, supported by the score keeper Nilakshi. The raffle tickets sold like hot cakes, and a variety of cakes offered also washed down well with complimentary tea provided courtesy of Dilmah. There were no less than 14 prizes on offer. The SLCA raised in excess of £5,000 by the sheer grace of God. This will benefit countless people in need in Sri Lanka. SLCA is to donate over one million rupees towards the building of The Cancer Hospital, Kandy.

The SLCA gratefully thanks its committee and all its wonderful and supportive friends who contributed generously in all areas with their time, money, gifts and love. You will all be part of the Cancer Hospital in Kandy and will receive the blessing of all the sick, the poor and the powerless who are benefiting from your generosity.

Mrs. Iomie Tilakumara gave away the raffle prizes.

Pictures by  Miss Hannah Sebastian

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