Sri Lanka set to unveil its first cricket memorabilia museum

Wills Realtors, a company established by the champions of the 1996 World cup winning Sri Lankan squad has planned to launch Sri Lanka’s first cricket museum. This one of a kind museum is proposed to be a Sri Lankan cricket team memorabilia museum, which would display the 1996 World Cups’ precious memories. The reason to build this proposed museum is to revive the glory of the island’s cricketing excellence.

Speaking exclusively to Financial Express Online, Arjuna Ranatunga, former Sri Lankan captain and chairman, Wills Realtors said, “We are planning to start a cricket memorabilia museum along with a world class luxurious residential complex in the heart of Sri Jayawardenapura. This museum is proposed by us to revive the memory of Sri Lankan Cricket.”

Sri Jayawardenapura, also known as Sri Lanka’s new capital, is famous for its beautiful lake Diyawanna and the Sri Lankan Parliament. Wills Realtors has partnered with Vivanta Associates who would be the Indian promoters as well as the developers for this exclusive project.

Venkatesh Rao, partner, Vivanta Associates commented, “This project will play a very crucial role in attracting foreign tourists to Sri Lanka. The museum would be a surely pull in cricket lovers from across the globe.”

The 1996 World Cup winning squad have joined together to start a world class luxurious residential complex which would completely depict a cricket theme. The proposed iconic structure has been designed and conceived in the shape of a bat and ball. This project would also be beneficial for the veteran Sri Lankan cricketers, as a part of the money earned from this project would be spent in uplifting their standard of living.

Also, there are talks about opening a world class restaurant in the complex. Aravinda de Silva, former Sri Lankan cricketer, who is also a part of this project is interested in starting a multi-cuisine restaurant. Ranatunga added, “Aravinda is very keen on starting a multi-cuisine restaurant. We haven’t gone into the details but there are plans for a restaurant.”

FE Online : Mumbai, Fri Nov 29 2013

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