SriLankan Airlines introduces ‘self service fast travel’ mobile Application

Using mobile technology for customer outreach and smart travel, SriLankan Airlines’ IT arm jointly developed a mobile application with Virtusa Corporation that consists of many features, breaking new ground in offering ‘self service fast travel’ options for smartphone-users.

SriLankan Airlines passengers holding confirmed tickets will be able to access flight reservation details on their smartphones and self-check-in, to avoid waiting in long queues. This facility enables passengers to select their seats and obtain a boarding pass displayed with a Quick Response (QR) code. In addition, it enables group check-in; track status of selected flights; check flight schedules; access FlySmiLes services; and sign up to receive mobile alerts of special deals, fares and packages.
“Customers are increasingly accepting high-tech travel options. Global customer surveys indicate a demand for opportunities, for passengers to take control of their own travel for greater convenience,” said SriLankan’s Chief Executive Officer Kapila Chandrasena. “As our customers’ needs evolve, so will the services and products we offer. Mobiles, androids, kiosks and the web are redefining the trends of future travel.”

Commenting on the partnership, Virtusa’s Chairman and CEO Kris Canekeratne said: “As the travel industry in Sri Lanka expands, we are pleased to be joining SriLankan Airlines, the island’s national carrier, to develop a convenient service for passengers. Being a global IT services company, our focus is to provide industry leading solutions that transform the customer experience, especially for service intensive industries such as travel and airlines, and thereby provide our clients with significant value that differentiates them in the markets they serve.”

Passengers can now check-in from wherever they are, between two to 24 hours prior to departure. Mobile check-in is allowed on all ex-Colombo flights to SriLankan’s entire online network of 32 destinations in 20 countries, for all passengers except those that need special assistance.
“Our goal is to simplify passenger travel through digital aids across all touch points where our customers can interact with us. SriLankan is looking at all avenues to facilitate the needs of today’s information-driven passengers worldwide. The mobile application is now available as a free download at the iTunes Apple Store; and the Google Play Store; with more features to be added in the near future. We are not only ‘simplifying the business’ for the airline, but for the airports as well,” said SriLankan’s Head of IT Chamara Perera.

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