Wednesday , 29 November 2023

These Dance will Amaze You – Freaking Awesome!

Do you Dance? or you can’t Dance?

If you are a male and want to get attention from the Ladies, then I highly advice you watch these video and learn some moves before your head out to a night club.

I’ve been going out since I came to England several years back and realized that the girls over here just loves you when you can step up and make some moves. I mean it becomes so easy to bond with completely new people very easily when you know how to do it nice.

For real, you got to learn this, if you are planning to come to United Kingdom or if you are living boring life in the UK you, must get on with some moves!!!

Watch the video and share your thoughts below.

Caravan Palace – Brotherswing (JSM)

Jamie Berry Feat. Octavia Rose – Delight (JSM)

By: P.H.D. Fernando

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