Virtusa X – Virtusa SLASSCOM Startup Hack 2014

Providing aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to build disruptive solutions and a chance at pitching to industry leaders and investors.

In keeping with Virtusa’s aim to improve business and everyday experience by leveraging the power of mobile, the 24-hour hackathon, held at Virtusa Colombo, will give IT professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to create innovative mobile apps around this year’s theme of Entrepreneurship.

Taking into account the need for user-friendly mobile solutions, Virtusa realizes the importance of moving towards mobile and helping clients leverage the power of mobile to improve customer experience, accelerate employee productivity and accelerate the innovation cycle regardless of the industry.

Virtusa X 2014 will see innovation and creativity come together, with teams of up to three members trying to surpass each other in 24 hours of non-stop coding. Winners will receive exciting prizes, including a chance to pitch to industry leaders and investors.

Teams should consist of no more than three members.

Benefits to the participants

Pitch idea to Industry experts
Networking opportunity
Develop their idea with input from industry
Win seed money
Find collaborator and co-founders
Date: 12th September 2014

Time: 3.30pm onwards

Venue: Virtusa World – 752, Dr Danister De Silva Mawatha, Colombo 09.

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