World’s youngest CEO’s message to youth: pursue your dream with sincerity

It is no animation but a real life story of a teenage girl who sits in the chair of a chief executive officer at the age of 17 and holds the Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest CEO in India.

Meet 17-year-old, Sindhuja Rajamaran, a Tamilian who became the youngest CEO at the age of 14 in India.

When girls of her age would go to school, study at home and spend time on social networking sites, she would be seen working from 9am to 6pm, busy taking meetings with colleagues, taking tough decisions to raise the profitability of her company, of a Chennai-based animation company called Seppan.

Sindhuja was in Lucknow on Monday as a panelist at the All India Management Association convention to shape the young minds. When the girl-next-door look arrived at the Scientific Convention Centre — the venue for the programme — there were not many to receive her.

It was after sometime that the organizers recognized her and ushered her inside the auditorium where she was the main speaker for the final session. And when the moderator introduced her, people were surprised.

Her advice to youngsters was simple and precise: Keep the hunger of growing and pursue your dream with sincerity.

Sindhuja’s journey from an ordinary school girl to the CEO of a company, that makes commercials for other companies, started at the age of 10. Her father Rajamaran, an avid animator and cartoonist, taught her animation when she was 10. Today there are five people — all men in their early 20s — in the company.

She has made it clear that she is not like a typical boss. “It is more of a team and I’m just a facilitator only giving the right direction to the company so that it scales new height. I’m happy all the men in the company have accepted me and it is a good young team to work with,” she said sporting a big smile.

Now it is her dream to become a successful entrepreneur and provide employment to the youth of the country.

“The education system has several flaws as it does not make youngsters employable. There is a big gap between educated youth and unemployment in the country which needs to be bridged, she said.

When asked how it feels like snatching the title of youngest CEO from another South Indian prodigy Suhas Gopinath, she says, “I had a chance of meeting him at a function in Madurai and he was very happy and also advised me how to run my company.”

By the time she was through, Sindhuja Rajamaran had indeed shaped several young minds in the audience as most of them said they too would like to employ rather than get employed.


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